Employment Law Lawyer in Calgary, AB

One of the most unsettling periods in any person’s life is when they lose their job – but it can become even more unsettling if they believe they were let go from their position due to wrongful dismissal. The sting from this type of separation can be especially traumatic and leave you wondering whether or not a Calgary employment law lawyer can help you navigate the severance terms – or lack of severance terms – you received as a result of your wrongful dismissal.

Each separation is unique and requires more information than can be provided at this site, but you have our assurance that when you contact Shivji Law, we’ll take time to understand the circumstances of your employment separation in Calgary to determine whether or not you are justified in pursuing wrongful dismissal litigation.

Navigating Employment Contracts in Calgary

Even if you signed an employment contract that your employer is now using as a way to back their dismissal of your employment, our team can review your contract, as well as any severance package that’s being offered to you, and make recommendations to pursue wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination as pertains to employment law in Calgary if warranted.

Our team can also review pre-employment contracts to ensure that your interests are best protected so you can make the best-informed decisions on matters affecting your job and career. Think about it this way: Your prospective employer has legal advice when crafting their pre-employment contracts, so shouldn’t you have the same advantage and contact an employment law lawyer near you for your legal advice?

Unemployment is at Record Levels: Contact Us Today

In light of current health and economic conditions, unemployment is at record levels in Calgary. New information is showing that the occupations most impacted are food service, accommodation, scientific, and technical service sectors.

With such employment and career diversity comes confusion about wrongful termination. Many employers are releasing employees without cause and with little thought to employment law that’s been designed to protect workers in situations such as these.

Because it can be tempting for some employers to try to hide a wrongful dismissal under the guise of current economic conditions, especially related to severance terms, the time to seek consultation from an employment law lawyer in Calgary has never been timelier.

Shivji Law is your point of contact for expert advocacy and legal perspective on wrongful dismissal and other issues related to employment law. For example, we’re prepared to be your advocate in areas such as bad faith, the notice period for separation, reasonable notice, severance pay, and even termination for cause.

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We know that losing a job can not only be psychologically debilitating, but financially painful as well. That’s why we’re offering a special promotion of $50 off legal fees. You can either call us or use our convenient online tool to provide the details about your wrongful dismissal in Calgary. Either way, we want to assure you that we have the experience you’re looking for when searching for an employment law specialist in Calgary.